I caught up with David via Zoom to chat about the property we now manage for him, and the refurbishment that took place in order to get David a fantastic long-term tenant.

David is now a non-resident landlord, so it's a priority for him to avoid the stress of trying to manage his property back in the UK, and having someone he knows he can trust looking after it for him.

After a bad experience with a previous letting agent, and a fairly chaotic foray into self-management, David was ready to throw in the towel when we first met to talk about how I could help him. After a few years of neglect and without any regular inspections or check-out having been done since his last tenant, he'd been having prospective renters in to view and receiving pretty negative feedback.

After viewing the property I realised that some refurbishment was going to be in order, but that if we did the right work at the right price, we could minimise the void period (the pandemic did not help us here!), maximise the rental return, and keep overall costs down. I'm so proud of what was achieved and thrilled to have secured such a great outcome for this landlord. I look forward to continuing to work with David in the future!

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