Co-Founder and Director

Hello, I’m Pippa.

My name is actually Phillippa, most call me Pippa, but any variation on the theme works; people call me Pip, Pipster etc….if it feels right go with it! I’m quite difficult to offend.

I am mum to a very...

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Co-Founder and Director

Hi, I’m Rach,

My husband Mike and I live in Wickford with our 3 children (well our eldest is actually an adult!) and our sausage dog Dash, who people assume is short for Dachshund but he’s actually named after the little boy in the...

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Property Expert

Hi I'm Joanne.

I live in Wickford with my husband and our three young children.

We love spending our weekends making memories and are very fortunate to live very close to Memorial Park so we can spend lots of time there. Some of...

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Morale Officer

Woof, I’m Alabama!

But everyone calls me Bama or Bam Bam. I am one of the official office dogs, Pippa’s original baby, and I love people and getting lots of fuss. I don’t contribute much to the everyday work, but Mum says she has...

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