Don't you just hate it when the internet uses 'jargon'?! What is a "rear aspect", anyway?!
I'm going to cover off a few of these property and landlord related jargon terms that I see getting chucked around, as this industry is packed full of them. Starting with....*acronyms*!

AST – Assured Shorthold Tenancy (the tenancy agreement)
ARLA – Association of Residential Letting Agent
BMV – below market value, meaning the property Is being bought at a discount to its real value due to, for example, the need for a quick sale
BRRR – Buy, Refurbish, Refinance, Rent (an investment strategy!)
BTL – Buy to Let
EICR – Electrical Installation Condition Report (this is a new mandatory inspection for rental properties in the UK, more info on my blog if interested!)
EPC – Energy Performance Certificate, another mandatory certificate required before you can legally let your property. Be careful, non-compliance can result in fines.
FH – Freehold
GCH – Gas Central Heating
HA – Housing Authority
HHSRS – Housing Health & Safety Rating System
HMO – House of Multiple Occupancy (a property with communal areas for the tenants, but let out room by room)
JV – Joint Venture
LH – Leasehold
LHA – Local Housing Allowance (part of the new benefits system)
LL – Landlord
LT – Lead Tenant (usually only relevant for HMOs)
OTM – on the market
PA – Per Anum (year)
PCM – Per calendar month
PRS – the Private Rental Sector
ROI – Return on Investment
SDLT – Stamp Duty (Land Tax)