Painter decorator

This week, we decided to get our usual decorator in to give our spare room / home office ("the study" as we rather grandly refer to it) a makeover. It is in need of new skirting boards, something we have not yet done since we moved last year, and fully repainting. Perhaps even one wallpapered 'feature wall'.

I am, surprisingly to some, quite an adept wallpaperer! My husband and I are both half decent with a paintbrush, and we own the basics required, i.e.. brushes, rollers and paint trays.

So, why don't we just redecorate the study ourselves? We have done our fair share of decorating in our time, but we've decided it's something we no longer do unless our backs are against the wall! Well, there are a couple of reasons:

1. We are busy. We both give a huge amount of energy to our careers. We also have a 16 month old son, who we have affectionately nicknamed the 'human tornado' and when we are not working, we give our attention to him, just as it should be.

2. It would take much longer (because we are busy!). If we did undertake the job ourselves, we'd be shoehorning it in around family and work life; it would drag on for much, much longer than was necessary.

3. The mess! I am not the tidiest decorator, and know from bitter experience that the mess would drag around through most of the rest of the house before the job was done, leaving me with even more work to do by the time I'd finished cleaning it up!

4. It wouldn't be done to the same standard. Ultimately, because of points 1-3, I know we cannot achieve the same standard of finish as our decorator does. We hate the prep work required to get a good finish, and find the whole job boring and laborious. He, on the other hand, loves his work!
He has all of the best quality equipment for the job, knows exactly the best way to achieve the desired result, and because of his experience he gets the best finish in the shortest possible time, and clears up completely leaving no mess for me to worry about.

So, what does any of this have to do with lettings? Well, according to the landlords I work with, quite a bit. In fact, all of the points above can be identified with in different areas of life where we pay a professional to do anything we don't want to do, don't have time for, or can't do to a high enough standard.

So if letting your property or properties has become one of those things for you, maybe it's time to draft in some help. Take the first step today by calling me for a quick, informal chat to see how we can help take some of the stress and pressure out of your daily life.