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Here at Baillie White Lettings & Management, we can guide you to the right places to identify property values and yields in Wickford, and other useful property related information so you can make sure you get all the information you need about your future investments. Here are just a few property facts about our town of Wickford....

There are 251 streets in the SS11 postcode area, made up of of 8,197 properties and 7,193 individual houses. Of these, 575 are currently privately rented. Our latest research tells us that 2 bedroom houses rent for an average price of £1,056 per calendar month.

In total, there is right now just ONE 2-bedroom house available for rent in Wickford, SS11, and at the time of going to press it looks like that has also been snapped up, demonstrating how short in supply private rental sector stock in Wickford is.

Values in Wickford have changed by -2.29% in the last 12 months and 17.93% over the last 5 years respectively. To put this into perspective, the change in average values across the UK were -1.29% for the last 12 months and 14.63% for the last 5 years.

The current average value for the area is £368,131.

As of November, 2020 the population of the area is 17,307 with 76% of these people being owner occupiers, while 8% are private tenants.

40% of households have a mortgage, while 49% own their home outright and on average, households across Wickford, SS11 have an average income of just over £49,000.

The most common age group of locals in the area is 66+ years old, showing Wickford to be very much a quiet, retirement community.

Around 16% of Wickford properties (1,355 to be precise) have changed hands in the last 5 years, with these enjoying an average uplift of almost £80,000! They do say that the best time to plant a tree (or in this case,buy a house), was 5 years ago, and the next best time is today!

If you would like more useful facts and figures, or you're thinking of investing in Wickford but don't know where to start, give me a call today. As a specialist letting agent in Wickford I can help with all aspects of letting and property management.