letting agents in Basildon and Wickford

Congratulations on your rental property in Basildon, whether this is an exciting journey into Buy to Let, or as a result of a home move or inheritance. This is an exciting time for you, and now is the right moment to consider two highly important elements to make sure you are able to enjoy your new investment without the hassle and stress of marketing and regulatory compliance.

Right now, you may be in the position of not knowing where or how to start your search, or even what to look at first, and that’s where we come in! Here at Baillie White, we are an expert letting agent in Basildon and have plenty of useful tips to help you through the process of letting your property.

Trust the Professionals
First and most importantly, you should always enlist the help of a professional agent to help you tenant your property. Yes, of course we are biased, but trust us, a knowledgeable, local agent will save you hours of time, not only during your initial marketing, but also when it comes to viewings, choosing the right tenant and referencing, right through to arranging the contract, deposit and certificates.

It’s important you choose a reputable agent that you like and trust, that you understand the service offered and are happy with their contract terms and fees.

In fact, the ideal letting agent is not always the one with the most properties, or the one with the most years in business. The ideal agent is the one who listens to you, is easy to get along with, is interested in your requirements and has the tools and skills to address your unique situation.

Professional expertise is of course important when choosing your letting agent, but interpersonal skills are equally important. After all, you’ll be working together for anywhere between 2 weeks to 20 years, so it helps to get along! We all have unique personalities, and that’s the way it should be. But when working with someone professionally, if helps if their personality fits well with your own.

At Baillie White Lettings we understand that every landlord’s situation is unique and brings a different set of circumstances to the table. We pride ourselves on our customer service and are a friendly bunch with many years of experience under our belts so when you choose us to help you rent out your home in Basildon you can be certain of excellent service.

Review your Financials
The financial element of becoming a landlord is a very important one. Usually this will involve working with an accountant to help you to declare your new income stream in the most tax efficient way possible. Here at Baillie White Lettings we will also be happy to recommend financial service providers in Basildon who can help you with this aspect of your property journey.

As reputable and professional agents, our staff at Baillie White Lettings are able to assist you with a lot of the stages of your first tax return where needed. We also provide our managed landlord portfolio with access to state of the art financial software making your tax declaration a doddle.

The easiest decision you will make
Our staff are knowledgeable, friendly and professional and will endeavour to ensure letting a property in Basildon is the most stress free investment you will ever make!

Working with a reputable letting agent will save you time and is the absolute best way to ensure you stay on top of the ever changing legislation relating to the private rental sector. We will always represent your interests and make sure our tenant selection criteria is the same as we would apply for our own portfolio.

Contact us today on 01268 955001 for an informal chat or schedule a time to call into our office and discover how we can help you. We will be delighted to meet you.