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Remortgaging your rental property

As a landlord, you might own your property outright or you may have a buy to let mortgage. If you do currently have borrowing, that could be because you didn’t have enough capital available to buy without a mortgage, or perhaps...

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3 Ways to protect your rental income

Rental income is an important part of being a successful landlord. Whether you need it to cover mortgage payments and expenses, or you’re taking rental profits as valuable extra income, you might want to check whether you’re...

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letting agents in Basildon and Wickford

Choosing a Letting Agent in Basildon

Congratulations on your rental property in Basildon, whether this is an exciting journey into Buy to Let, or as a result of a home move or inheritance. This is an exciting time for you, and now is the right moment to consider two...

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Time vs Money

Time vs. Money: Where do you stand?

I read an interesting article in Scientific journal Cosmos recently. Apparently, research suggests that paying people to help out with odd jobs that you don't enjoy doing could lead to a happier life. A research team from Canada,...

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