Funding your Rental Purchase

Whether you’ve got lots of capital and are a cash buyer or you need to borrow money to finance your rental property purchase, there’s a lot to think about.

The right financing can make the difference between a good rental investment and a GREAT one, so it’s worth spending some time working out what’s going to be right for you and your individual circumstances.

Here’s a handy summary checklist to help you decide:

Benefits of buying with cash

  • Could help you snap up a bargain
  • Gives you peace of mind that you own the property outright
  • No mortgage payments mean higher monthly rental profits

Benefits of buying with a mortgage

  • You can spread your capital across several properties, rather than putting it all into one
  • Leveraging the lender’s money could result in much better returns
  • It can help you afford to buy a better rental investment
  • You share the risk with the lender
  • Mortgages are one of the cheapest ways to borrow money

Do you meet the lending criteria?

  • Check your credit score – is it good? If not, can you do anything to improve it?
  • Know the lender’s interest cover ratio / ‘multiplier’ and use it to work out whether an application is likely to be approved
  • Find out what other lending criteria could affect you
  • If you’ve got flexibility in the amount of deposit you can put down, it might help you get a better interest rate
  • Speak to a mortgage broker to check you’ve got access to the best deals

Borrowing from another source

  • Is the borrowing secured or unsecured?
  • What’s the interest rate?
  • Do you understand all the terms?

Understand the risks

  • Are you happy taking on the debt?
  • Are you confident you’ll be able to make loan repayments?
  • Do some ‘scenario planning’ – what would happen if you lost your job, the market fell or your tenant stopped paying?

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